GLP Japan Advisors Inc.GLP Japan Advisors Inc. is the asset manager of GLP J-REIT.



GLP Japan Advisors Inc. is the asset manager of GLP J-REIT.
We provide best-in-class asset management services that are recognized both in Japan and internationally,
benefiting from the considerable experience of GLP Pte. Ltd. (“GLP”) in operating logistics facilities.

Established on December 21, 2012
Revised on January 10, 2018
Revised on January 24, 2018

Management Policy


We aspire to manage assets with a true commitment to our investors by combining both Japanese and global best practices.
To achieve this goal, we will strive to provide the best asset management services in J-REIT sector that our investors expect, listening to their opinions extensively without being bound by precedents or conventions.


GLP Japan Advisors Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLP.
As one of the world’s largest providers of modern logistics facilities, GLP owns, manages and leases out modern logistics facilities in Japan, China, the United States, Europe and Brazil.
Our key members have management experience in leading logistic real estate companies, in Japan and globally.


In order to provide best-in-class asset management, direct communication with our investors and the broader investment community is essential.
We are accountable to our investors around the world by disclosing information in both Japanese and English in a timely and comprehensive manner.
In addition, in order to align the interests of GLP J-REIT and its asset manager, GLP Japan Advisors Inc., we have adopted a scheme that ties our asset management fees to investment performance.
Furthermore, our senior management’s remuneration is designed to move in tandem with investment performance, ensuring that our interests are also aligned with that of our investors.

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Yoshiyuki Miura

Yoshiyuki Miura

President, GLP Japan Advisors Inc.


GLP Japan Advisors Inc. manages GLP J-REIT as the asset manager of the Global Logistic Properties Group, which provides logistics properties and related technologies.

Demand for large-scale, highly functional leasable logistics facilities is expected to remain strong due to the progress of third-party logistics in Japan and
the expansion of the e-commerce market associated with changes in the consumption structure owing to consumers’ increased use of on-line shopping, as well as
the momentum of supply chain reorganization as customers require factory functions in logistics facilities.

As one of the world’s largest providers of modern logistics facilities, the GLP Group has provided highly functional and environmentally friendly,
modern logistics facilities as social infrastructure that supports urban living and economic activities since the early days of the logistics facility market in Japan.

GLP J-REIT, for which GLP Japan Advisors manages assets, aims to earn stable income and achieve steady growth in assets under management over the medium and long term.
It seeks to do this by investing in large-scale, highly functional modern logistics facilities that are expected to capture strong demand,
thanks to the scarcity of such facilities in Japan.

In managing assets, GLP Japan Advisors Inc. will make every effort to maximize returns for unitholders, benefiting from the extensive experience of GLP
in operating logistics facilities and leveraging its know-how gained through the fund management business it carries out on a global basis.

Sustainability Practices

Sustainability Practices

This is the Environmental, Social & Governance Policy of GLP Group.
GLP Japan Advisors Inc. engages in the asset management of GLP J-REIT in accordance with this policy.

Environmental, Social & Governance Policy

Integrating Sustainability into the Heart of Our Business

As the leading provider of modern logistics facilities to the global logistics real estate market, GLP Group is uniquely positioned to develop best-in-class (highest level) logistics facilities that maximize supply chain efficiency and help meet the needs of domestic consumption-led growth in various countries in a more sustainable way. We are firmly committed to managing our activities throughout the Group to provide the highest level of protection to the environment and to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities. GLP Group can and does have a significant impact on the countries in which we operate.

This ESG Policy Statement is a key confirmation of our overarching commitment to integrating sustainability into the heart of our business practices and is underpinned by our core values and our stated mission to “create best-in-class logistics facilities by maximizing value for all stakeholders including our shareholders, customers and communities in which we live and operate.”

The purpose of this document is to provide a clear leadership position, to initiate consensus across our business, and to deepen the common understanding of GLP Group’s ESG Principles.

This ESG Policy is but one element of GLP Group’s wider sustainability strategy.

Establish focus,
objectives and targets
Monitor and report

Our ESG Principles

We believe that an integrated ESG approach is required to deliver the best benefits to GLP Group and our shareholders. This will be implemented through the following principles:

1. Upholding ethics and corporate integrity as the cornerstones of how we do business at all levels of our company
We maintain a zero-corruption policy across all our operations and take an active role to instill a culture of business integrity and ethical values. Strict written policies detailing the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics underpin this commitment, with all employees required to comply on an annual basis.
2. Embedding material ESG risks and opportunities into decision-making
GLP Group is firmly committed to managing its activities throughout the group to provide the highest level of protection to the environment and to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, customers and communities. We are committed to ensuring that material ESG risks and opportunities are built into investment research, due diligence, selection of investments, and portfolio management.
3. Engaging proactively with stakeholders
Proactive stakeholder engagement allows GLP to understand and respond to local and emerging risks and opportunities in the communities where we operate. We believe that this is key to being a dynamic business and is central to developing long-term value creation.
4. Attracting and retaining talented, motivated employees is vital to our success
GLP Group’s commitment to continuous improvement in its people and projects will see ESG being embedded into our talent management initiatives. We create comprehensive training initiatives and a positive work environment that supports individual growth and development and promotes a healthy, safe and balanced lifestyle. As part of our cultural values, we seek to identify talents both internally and externally and to build our talent pipeline for succession planning.
5. Maximizing supply chain efficiency and meeting the needs of domestic consumption-led growth in our core markets
GLP Group is committed to driving cost- and resource-based efficiency within our supply chain. Regional and national relationships will be established where possible, and we will work closely with our preferred suppliers to support the delivery of developments safely, on budget, on time, and with the lowest environmental impact.
6. Drive performance through evidence
In order to build accountability and transparency, GLP Group recognizes that it needs robust and defensible data metrics. We commit to putting in place the necessary performance and data management systems and processes that support our ESG Policy objectives.
7. Taking the lead in building better communities
As part of GLP Group’s commitment to continuous improvement, we will contribute positively to the debate on green building and wider sustainable development by sharing knowledge with our peers and learning from others. We constantly seek ways to innovate in order to minimize the impacts our projects have on the environment, and strive to make a net positive contribution in the communities where we operate.
8. Creating a culture of entrepreneurial value creation
We constantly seek ways to innovate in order to minimize the impacts our projects have on the environment and make a net positive contribution where we can.
9. Protecting and enhancing the environment across all of our operations
GLP is vigilant about protecting the environment across all of our operations.We will aim to exceed national and local environmental standards relating to our operations. Moreover, we will protect or enhance forested areas through our tree programs.
10. Supporting livelihood opportunities in the communities we work in
Education is an area that needs urgent attention in many of GLP Group’s communities and one that offers the opportunity to make a large impact. GLP is committed to doing its part to support and promote quality education through investment into schools, teacher training and apprenticeships.
11. Promoting Energy Efficiency & Renewables
Energy efficiency is fundamental to GLP Group’s design and operation process. We are committed to optimizing energy use in both the existing stock and new developments. As the continued supply of energy is an increasing concern for some of our growth markets, we will continue to promote the use of renewables in our local communities.
12. Building sustainably certified new developments
GLP is committed to building and operating high-performing developments which meet or are capable of meeting recognized certification standards.

This ESG Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis as our business develops and evolves.

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Company Name GLP Japan Advisors Inc.
Location 34F Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2,
Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7134, JapanMAP
Business Investment management business
Established February 25, 2011
Capital 110 million yen
Shareholders GLP Japan Inc. (100%)
Executive Board President Yoshiyuki Miura
Director (part-time) Yoshiyuki Chosa
Director (part-time) Kazuhiro Tsutsumi
Auditor (part-time) Tatsuya Miyamoto
Registrations and Licenses Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business License, granted by the Governor of Tokyo (2)92820
Discretionary Transaction Agent License, granted by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Registration No. 66
Financial Instruments Business License, granted by the Director of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Kinsho) Registration No. 2547
Memberships The Investment Trusts Association, Japan / The Association for Real Estate Securitization


A.Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the decision-making body for basic important management matters including the management strategy of the Asset Manager and in principle meets monthly to decide on basic business policies and supervise the business execution of the President. It also makes decisions regarding the selection and dismissal of the Compliance Officer, with such decisions requiring a two thirds majority vote of the directors present.
B.Executive Officers and Departments
The organization of GLP Japan Advisors comprised of the following departments
Investments Department: acquisition of properties the leasing and management of investment assets as well as strategic planning and the analysis of market surveys
Corporate Planning Department: Matters concerning policy formulation related to equity procurement such as public offering and investor relations
Finance Department: Matters concerning policy formulation related to borrowing and bond issuance
Accounting Department: Matters concerning general accounting operations including settlement-related operations
General Administration Department: Matters concerning general administration and operations
C.The Investment Committee and the Compliance Committee
The Investment Committee reviews and decides on matters concerning the management of the assets of GLP J-REIT, which is engaged in the management of assets, and related matters, and the Compliance Committee aims to ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and rules by the Asset Manager. In addition, ESG committee reviews and decides on matters concerning the ESG promotion and strengthening ESG initiatives.
The Asset Manager may appoint Chairman, if necessary, upon the resolution of the Board of Directors. Chairman is able to support and advise to President within the scope of business, which is resolved by the Board of Directors.

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